Terms & Conditions

To help us serve you better, kindly read this before placing your order

  1. Please send us your requirements with correct #Ref numbers as per our catalog or Website
  2. All Prices we quote are FOB, freight/forwarding/packing/insurance charges are extra.
  3. Dear New Customers, You have to register with us before you can place inquiry/order which is very easy and quick and no doubt totally free. It helps us to receive your inquiry/order request systematically. Please remember your password of your account, User Id will be your email ID, At completion of the registration process, an auto welcome email will be send to your registered email ID. We also have password forget facility which is shown on the login screen. Please note all our valued customers inquiry/order history will be saved on our website. Our customers can login again to view their own inquiry/order history in future. After placing a request for inquiry/order, We will contact directly to our customer registered email ID.
  4. We carry a sufficient  inventory of items offered in this website or catalog. A Proforma is e-mailed showing current prices and freight for confirmation, also approximate schedule of shipping.  Our online catalog is not currently tied into our warehouse inventory system. We make every effort to maintain our stock levels so that out-of-stock items rarely occur.  Normally all orders are shipped in 7 to 30 Days after receipt of payment.
  5. Descriptions and illustrations in the Catalog or website are as accurate as possible. Necessary modifications and improvements in products are however made from time-to-time to ensure better performance. We reserve the right to make these modifications as we deem fit.
  6. The prices indicated are EX-WORKS and are subject to change periodically. We shall endeavor to maintain these prices but slight revisions may become necessary due to increase in cost of raw material or labor. Proforma Invoices will be sent for each order before dispatch of goods.
  7. The minimum order restriction is US$ 500/- (Excluding Freight) as it becomes very difficult to service small orders as the paper-work involved is large.
  8. Payment Terms 100% advance by:
    1. Bank (T/T or Wire Transfer)
    2. PayPal (Payment for Sample Shipment)
    3. Bank Draft (Payable in Jalandhar)
  9. Our Logos will be appear on each item (unless specified).
  10. We can print your Logo with a very nominal extra cost (Minimum Quantity is Required).
  11. Plastic items will supplied in available colors.
  12. We retain the right to supply the different dimensions, size/color as fluctuation in market raw material.
  13. Please mention the following in your inquiry/order:
    1. Billing Address with Zip Code
    2. Shipping Address with Zip Code
    3. Your Email Address/Phone/Mobile/Fax
    4. Port of Discharge
    5. Mode of Delivery
      1. By Courier (We prefer FedEx/DHL) (4-7 Days) Freight Prepaid
      2. By Airport To Airport (6-10 Days) Freight Prepaid or To Pay
      3. Goods can be dispatched in your Courier Account Like FedEx/DHL/TNT/UPS
        1. Mention your Courier account in your PO.
      4. By Sea (30-40 Days) (Freight prepaid or To Pay)
        1. By Sea Freight Charges are Minimum of 100 Kgs.
  14. All products are of Indian Origin.
  15. All correspondence will be done in English. (Every thing is understood, unless specified)